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5 OBX Sweet Treats You Must Try

The Outer Banks is in no shortage of amazing restaurants andmeal options, including desserts. Whether you're looking for just something tograb and go or make it a family outing, you're sure to find something tosatisfy everyone in your group's sweet tooth with one of these sweet treats.

Duck Donuts

OBX sweet treats

Anyone who's tried it can tell you, you can't talk sweets inthe Outer Banks without giving Duck Donuts an honorable mention. This shop is alocal and visitors' staple for desserts. The menu features endlesspossibilities and flavors ranging from sweet to savory. Every one of thesevanilla cake donuts donut is hot, fresh, and made-to-order so you can have itany way you like. If you've never been and want to try a fan favorite, you haveto try a maple bacon donut! It's the classic vanilla cake donut, coated withmaple icing and sprinkled with real Hormel chopped bacon. It might sound alittle off beat, but the combination of sweet, salty and savory all at once issimply delicious.         

Another fan favorite (and my personal favorite flavor) isthe s'mores donut. It's just what it sounds like - cake donut with chocolatecoating, graham cracker crumbs and a marshmallow drizzle on top. Enjoy it whileit's hot and fresh for a decadent donut experience that tastes even better thanthe s'mores you make around a campfire.

Booty Treats

If you're looking for delicious shaved ice, old fashionedmalts, milkshakes, frozen yogurt or sundaes, Booty Treats at MP 10.5 in NagsHead has you covered. But if you've never been here before, there's one thingyou just have to try...the Booty Freeze. This Booty Treats original is amouthwatering combination of shaved ice and dip-n-dot style mini-melts with anyflavor combination you desire. The Booty Freeze is the perfect treat to helpyou cool off on a hot beach day.

Other Booty Treat favorites include the Junk-In-The-Trunk, asundae with mini-metls, M&Ms, Oreo cookie, chocolate syrup and topped withwhipped cream and sprinkles, and the World's Best Root Beer Float, a classictwist with Root Beer flavored shaved ice and vanilla mini-melts topped withwhipped cream.

The Spot and Mom's Sweet Shop

OBX sweet treats

Looking for a healthier option for something sweet? Checkout these two sweet stops: Mom's Sweet Shop in Kill Devil Hills and The Spot inNags Head. While they're both very unique and I highly recommend checking themboth out, they do have some similarities in their menu and offer healthyoptions with ingredients like acai, pitaya, hemp seeds, coconut, turmeric, andbee pollen. Here are my personal favorite menu items from each one.

OBX sweet treats

The Spot - Loggerhead Bowl: The Loggerhead is just one ofthe acai bowl options at The Spot. Acai is a superfruit that's packed withantioxidants and healthy omegas making it great for you while also greattasting. When it comes to acai bowls, the loggerhead may not be the healthiestof their options, but it sure is delicious. It's made with an acai base blendedwith banana and vanilla almond milk, and topped with granola, banana slices,peanut butter, dark chocolate shavings, and honey. It's the perfect dessert orjust as a tasty treat!

OBX sweet treats

Mom's Sweet Shop - Big Hempin: As the name entails, this16oz smoothie has hemp seeds as well as hemp protein mixed in with strawberry,banana, rolled oats, almond coconut milk, and agave. With fresh fruit and nodairy, this is a sweet smoothie that you won't feel bad about indulging in.Because it's made-to-order, you can even add other fruits, greens, orsuperfoods for a small extra charge to make your perfect smoothie combination.


Celebrating a special occasion on your Outer Banks vacation?Tullios Bakery in Duck has you covered! They can make you a personalized cakefor any occasion - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, or just because!How delicious does a Kahlua cake with butter cream frosting and ganache fillingsound?

If cake isn't your thing they have tons of other deliciousoptions including pumpkin crème brulee, fruit tarts, cannolis, and mousse.

Big Buck's

OBX sweet treats

If ice cream is what you're looking for, the Outer Banks hasmore options than you can imagine. One of the most popular spots is Big Bucks.With locations in Corolla, Kitty Hawk, and Manteo, you can get your ice creamfix with ease.

Big Buck's ice cream is homemade so you know it's delicious.And even better than that, they have 50+ flavors to choose from including theclassics and unusual (but equally tasty) flavors like coconut almond fudge,peanut butter and cookies, rum raisin, and key lime pie!Bonus: Big Buck's is known for their ice creamand sundaes, but they also have chocolates, cakes, smoothies, and an espressobar with hot, iced, and frozen options to kickstart your day.

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