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5 Reasons You Should Stay in an Outer Banks Vacation Rental

outer banks vacation rentalRenting a house, a condo, an apartment, or even a room is a trend you're seeing more and more in vacation areas. If you haven't thought about staying in a vacation rental when visiting the Outer Banks here are 5 reason why you should.

1. It's More Like A Home

When you leave home for vacation do you dread the hotel bed you may get? Do you want a kitchen so you can fix some meals? Do you search for a hotel with great amenities for your family?A vacation rental will give you the comforts of home. Along with a television, sometimes you'll get a DVD player, a BluRay player, or a streaming media device, such as Roku or Apple TV. Sometimes you'll even get a pool table, Foosball table, theater rooms, private pools, hot tubs, etc.While every lodging options will want you to enjoy your trip to the Outer Banks hotels, motels, and inns simply cannot give you the comforts of home like a vacation rental will.

2. Preparing Your Own Meals

By staying in a vacation rental you can take advantage of having a full kitchen. You can buy you own groceries and cook your own meals. Most vacation rentals also have a grill available.One obvious advantage to this is how much money will be saved versus eating out.  But this also can be an enjoyable experience for families that enjoy taking turns cooking.

3. Families Can Share The Cost

Vacation rentals are often mislabeled as more expensive, but if you like saving money sharing a vacation rental with other family members is a great way to cut costs. For instance, if you find a vacation rental for $2,000 for a week that might be too much a single family. But if you split that cost between two families, that's only $1000 a week. When hotel rooms average a $125-$200 a night for one room you're actually spending significantly less.

4. It's Easier To Bring Your Dog

More vacationers are traveling with their dogs and sometimes hotels that allow pets are hard to find. While not all vacation rentals will allow pets, many do.  Additional most hotels and vacation rentals will have additional fees and charges for allowing dogs, although if you stay with Outer Banks Blue dogs can stay at no additional fee.A vacation rental will give your pet more room to run and play and you won't have to worry about your pet barking and disturbing the neighbors during the night.

5. It Makes You Feel More Like A Local

Staying in a vacation rental makes you feel like you belong in the Outer Banks and less like a tourist. You can wake up in the mornings and greet the rising sun over the ocean while drinking your coffee. You can play in the ocean and build a sandcastle. You can take an evening walk on the beach as the sun sets. You can do everything a local person does and then return to you privately rented vacation rental.Vacation rental in the Outer Banks is the way to go. You have plenty of room for your family and extended family. You have the comforts of home and feel like you belong there. What more could you want?
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