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Beautiful Sunsets - Memory Monday 7/2/18

Welcome to July!   Man is it warm?   The answer is yes.    Temperatures are not expected to dip below 90 this week for high temperatures.    Definitely a great week to be at the beach.  Warm weather, cool water, and amazing fireworks are set to all happen on the Outer Banks.   We start the week with Memory Monday and some great photos of sunsets on the Outer Banks.As you can see, there is just something about the end of the day here on the Outer Banks.   Some say you can't beat the west coast at the end of the day, but we have been all over the world, and we are very partial to the spectacle we see at the end of each day around here.Take a look for yourself.SunsetThis one comes to us just last week from Lori R.That picture of a sunset seems to set up our next picture from Na Wong, who sent along this photo that seems to be taken from almost the exact same place.Sunset number 2Then there is Jennifer Simmons, who also sent this photo of a sunset in Duck.Duck SunsetSo, the days are ending in a beautiful way here on the Outer Banks as evidenced by the above photos.   Sunsets on the Outer Banks are something else, and you should experience one for yourself very soon.Outer Banks Blue still has some select availability for properties between now and Labor Day.   Check our specials page for great savings on some of our open properties.   You deserve a break and we can help you get it!Enjoy the week, stay hydrated, and don't forget to send us your vacation photo memories here at Everything Outer Banks!All the best from the beach.
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