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Big Fish - Memory Monday 10/5/2020

Good day from the Outer Banks. The scene of people still enjoying summer vacations into the month of October, and the place of a huge run of big fish over the last few weeks.

Wet A Line

is a comment we hear a lot from devoted fishermen on the Outer Banks. You can't catch a fish if you don't try by putting a hook and line into the water. The last few weeks it seems anyone who has put a line into the water has been rewarded with great catches of fish. Most abundant catches lately have been of puppy drum, and other fish that live right in the surf line. All you need to do is have the right equipment, the correct bait, and you will typically fill up a bucket with your catch.

This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Michele Graham of Johnstown, Pennsylvania who stayed with us recently at the Kitty Hawk vacation rental property The Salty Sailor. Michele says this was this was her first time fishing with Grandpap. Nice work!

Big fish
Nice fish!

This is the best time of year to come to the Outer Banks for fishing. There are several outlets where you can find the latest fishing information. One of our favorite places to find an accurate fishing report is TW's Bait and Tackle in Kitty Hawk and Nags Head.

Thank you Michele for providing this great picture. We look forward to serving you and your anglers on your next visit to the Outer Banks.

All the best from the beach!

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