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Breakfast on the Outer Banks: Our Top 11 Favorite Places - Updated

Breakfast on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is known for a lot of great things, one of those is fantastic breakfast spots to get your vacation days started right. There are too many great restaurants to name, and not all of them are equal, but there are some that stand out as fan favorites. Here are our top 11 breakfast places where you can get all the morning must-haves and more!

Sam & Omie's

First on our list is a place located across the street from Jennette's Pier and known for their killer Sunday brunch, Sam & Omie's. Sam & Omie's was a restaurant that was originally opened on the Outer Banks by a couple of fishermen as a pre-fishing breakfast stop. That was more than 70 years ago! Today it's well known for its "omie"lettes, hotcakes, and its original favorites like "Trixie's Pick." But don't let their amazing breakfast stop you from going to try them out for dinner, they serve an array of hamburgers, club sandwiches, prime rib & seafood dinners. Whether you're in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have to give Sam & Omie's a try!

Henry's Restaurant

Next on the list, we have a restaurant that's been open and operating since 1989. Henry's Restaurant is a proud popular destination for affordable family-style dining on the Outer Banks. This family business takes pride in offering a clean, down-to-earth atmosphere as you enjoy a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience. But you're here for the breakfasts! Breakfast at Henry's is served from 7 am-1 pm and consists of the classic's fixings, breakfast sandwiches, and omelets. A less popular but full flavor breakfast. Henry's offers meals like fried catfish or trout & eggs, eggs benedict, and even crab benedict. So, expand your palate and try some of these stand-out breakfasts when you have a seat at Henry's Restaurant!

Duck Donuts

breakfast Duck Donuts

This next place is something special because it originated in Duck North Carolina and has now spread to several states and to even other countries! Duck donuts is an Outer Banks treasure and prevailing establishment that has changed the donut game! With what started in 2007 a sweet staple of happiness grew into a cluster of 250 locations spread out among 25 states. What makes duck donuts stand out among the rest is wacky and fun recipes. Recipes that that only true culinary geniuses would even think of.

Where else could you get a peach pie donut or a smores donut? Don't even get us started on the mouthwatering blueberry crumble donut! Now with how zany these donuts are, it may be a little too much for some individuals, no fear! Duck Donuts does made-to-order donuts, where you can pick the coating, topping, and then finish it off with a drizzle of your choice! No matter what feathers your duck, you'll be sure to find a creation that will have you craving more!

Nags Head Pier House Restaurant

Some of those other restaurants can be loud and crowded during the busiest times of the season. You may want somewhere quieter or maybe you enjoy vacationing in the non-peak months, well Nags Head Pier House Restaurant is for you! With Nags Head Pier being one of the oldest and longest on the beach. You're sure to get a stunning view with a stunning breakfast! Their menu features some of the vintage breakfast must-haves. One item that stands out far amongst the rest is their seafood omelet. It's so great you'll want to get there early to miss the wait. Try Nags Head Pier House Restaurant on your vacation!

Bob's Grill

Next is a place that is unlike any other, where they tell you to "eat and get the hell out!" and has been awarded best on the beach more than a handful of times... none other than Bob's Grill. Bob's famous saying is not only fun to hear when you leave but it speaks the truth. They have to make room for the thousands of people, they serve every year. Bobs Grill has an abundance of fan favorites from all different kinds of platters, sandwiches, and omelets. They don't stop serving breakfast until 2 pm but don't let that late breakfast stop you from getting there in the morning. Being one of the great breakfasts comes great times of waiting during the busy season. When visiting Bob's grill make sure you "eat and get the hell out"!

Grits Grill

Grit's grill is a fantastic place to get breakfast for those early risers. Opening from 6 AM to 2 PM. While you wait to be seated, take a step back in time in their 1960s themed environment complete with retro pink and green vinyl and listening to the tunes of the time. A great old-fashioned southern dining experience you can get all the classics which include southern grits, homemade biscuits, specialty omelets. The lunch favorites are great too! Like burgers, sandwiches, soups salads, and more!

And we can't forget their homemade biscuits which in my opinion are the best and fluffiest on the beach. There's also something else on the menu that you usually find at its own restaurant, Krispy Kreme donuts! That's right they have Krispy Kreme donuts, but they sell fast. If you happen to miss them give their famous "Kiss Our Grits" item a try, one of the beaches best!

The Jolly Roger

Breakfast at the Jolly Roger

Rrrrrr you ready for the breakfast from The Jolly Roger? The Jolly Roger in my opinion is one of the most fun experiences you can have at a restaurant in the outer banks. With funky pictures all over the place, statues scattered throughout inside and out. They even have a ceiling of Christmas ornament right above you when you first walk in! From the owner Carol "We're eclectic, it's crazy. You'll not find another Jolly Roger; there's no rhyme or reason to this place and that's what people love about it."

And she is more than right, it's my personal favorite place to get breakfast because of the affordable platters. It's the most bang for your buck. One of the biggest things about their menu isn't just the platters, but the pancakes themselves. They could have their own OBX zip code! All in all, The Jolly Roger is a fun and thrilling experience overall for any meal but breakfast for sure. Located on beach road, be sure to get toast and home fries with your zip code pancakes. You will be sure to find a treasure at the Jolly Roger.

Lighthouse Bagels & Deli

With over 15 different kinds of bagels and donuts all made from scratch. Lighthouse Bagels & Deli is serving some of the best breakfasts in Corolla. Not only are they well known for their bagel selection and killer donuts. They pride themselves in hot off-the-grill breakfast sandwiches and marvelous pastries like cinna-buns and scones.

With this kind of popularity, you will for sure want to get there early. It has been known to sell out of things by mid to late morning. Not only do they offer many types of breakfast meat sandwiches or bagels, but they also have a vegan option! A rare find on the beach if you ask me. One more reason to stop at Lighthouse Bagels and deli and get a little something for the whole family. Whether that's sitting in for a while or getting your breakfast to go. Finally, to go with your bagel or breakfast sandwich they have some of the creamiest and richest cream cheese that you could ask for. You can even purchase a half-pound of it.

Stack'Em High

Serving more than just pancakes at not one but two locations in the Outer Banks, Stack'Em High has been an OBX treasure since its original opening in 1981. To tell you a little more about their history and background, Stack'Em High is not your typical legacy restaurant, the owner's Perry & Kiki came from Greece and wanted to share their love of food with their new community. While the original restaurant opened in 1981, it was such a hit another opened in 1985. Since then, their tables have been filled with happy and full customers from all over the United States.

The name Stack'Em High has since been in the family with the youngest son Nick and his wife being the owners and operators at the Kill Devil Hills local while the older son Steve and his wife are running the Kitty hawk Location. While they specialize in pancakes their menu is full of plenty of other great options ranging from traditional eggs, bacon, sides to made from scratch waffles and French toast. No matter what you decide to get and at either location you are sure to get your fill on a great meal and some great hospitality at Stack'Em High Pancakes.

Miller's Seafood & Steakhouse

Do not let the name fool you, Miller's Seafood & Steakhouse is a fantastic choice to get a more elegant breakfast experience.  With serving breakfast from 7 am to 12 pm, you will most likely see a line, but that's just because it's so darn good! Where two generations have worked side by side Miller's Seafood & Steakhouse has been blending family values and warm hospitality with a strong commitment to quality and excellence.

With a winning dynamic duo, Brian and Beth keep a stronghold together on serving incoming customers with warm smiles and warm meals. Brian can be found in the back helping the cooks or even cooking himself if they need, while his wife Beth can be found up front welcoming guests and getting anything, they need. Unlike some restaurants, the owners are very involved, so much that you will likely say hi to them as they check on you during your visit. The Miller family's menu is why there is almost always a line at the door, whether you want a simple or extravagant three-egg omelet, the all-time favorites, or a lighter fare meal you'll be sure to find something for all.

Art's Place

Located at the very front of the island is a treasure that some would not even realize is there, while others it's their favorite spot to get breakfast, burgers, or sandwiches. Art's Place prides itself in serving customers favorite breakfast and breakfast sandwiches but one of the forgotten menu items that Art's does have is homemade biscuits and gravy. They take made from scratch homemade biscuits and smother them in-house gravy for a savory treat that will leave you full and ready for a long beach day!  

There you have it! Whether you're looking for a fun, wacky environment, a more cultivating breakfast experience, or just enjoying a morning in one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals. These are our top breakfast places on the Outer Banks and the ones we often recommend. With so many great places to choose from, I am sure we missed other great breakfast spots.  Do you have an all-time breakfast favorite that we didn't mention?

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