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Happy Labor Day - Memory Monday 9/2/19

Greetings from an anxious Outer Banks today as all eyes are looking to the south and the developments of Hurricane Dorian. We still have a very full Outer Banks this week and everyone will be enjoying a great Labor Day today.

Labor Day History

Many think Labor Day started in the last 75 years, but in fact today marks the 125th anniversary of the holiday that takes place on the first Monday of September. It is dedicated to the creation of the labor movement and it became a national holiday to "celebrate and honor the greatest workers in the world - the American worker." Keep that in mind as you take a day away from work. Relax, recharge and enjoy the fruits of your labor on this beautiful day!

Enjoy The Day

This day comes with mixed emotions for many, as it marks the unofficial last day of summer. Kids will all be going back to school this week, if they haven't already gone back, and fall temperatures will be kicking in soon. Whatever you do on this holiday we urge you to do it safely. Particularly those that are driving back home from the beach need to be very patient and vigilant on their trip.

Memory Monday

This week's Memory Monday Photo submission comes to us from Karen, who stayed with Outer Banks Blue just last week and provided this great shot of what we would call "The Boys of Summer." These guys are scoping out the perfect wave at low tide to work on their skim board moves

Waiting for the perfect wave

We love this photo and the great weather that goes with it. These guys look like they had quite a day at the beach, and we look forward to welcoming Karen and all of them back again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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