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Dog Gallery - Memory Monday 1/28/19

Here at Everything Outer Banks we love the photos that are sent to us on a weekly basis, and this week is no different. What is different this week is we decided to look in our storage folders and give you a number of the most popular subject of our photos - your dogs. We are calling this the dog gallery.

Gallery photo
Rosie taking a rest after a day of shopping in Duck

We have always envied Dogs' ability to take a quick nap almost anywhere, and their ability to wake up in the best mood no matter what. Speaking of good moods. How about these two?

Gallery photo
Willow & Winnie ready to go for a walk!

Willow and Winnie's photo comes to us from Mark Maruschak who stayed with these two and his family in "Our Labrador's Retreat."

Then there is this photo of another shopping dog.

Gallery picture
Resting while the parents shop

This photo was provided by Donna Linskey who stayed with Outer Banks Blue this past June.

Then there is this photo of a pooch taking center stage in a family reunion picture.

Gallery pic
Guzzo Family

This picture was brought to us by Diana Clanor.

Finally Valery Gaugler provided us this departure photo of her dog who she says "Loves the beach in Corolla." We can tell! Look at that face.

Dog Gallery
Yep! Having a great day.

Thanks to all of our dog lovers that provided us photos of their friends having fun on the beach. We appreciate everyone's contribution this week. We look forward to serving all of you on your next visit!

All the best from our dog friendly properties and our dog friendly beaches!

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