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Dog Gone Right - Memory Monday 11/22/2021

Dog Gone Right it is Thanksgiving week! Are you going to get some time off and maybe head to the OBX? Whatever you do we hope you have a great holiday. Remember to give thanks for all of the gifts you have, and the people in your life.

Thanksgiving Week

is a busy one on the Outer Banks. Many property owners are here using their properties, and the ones that are not here most likely have their houses rented to happy guests. Outer Banks Blue is full this week and we are thankful for all of our guests. They all will be enjoying a great week at the beach (it was 70 degrees yesterday!).

This week's Memory Monday photo submission is from our friend Luise Yacono of Groton, New York. Luise and her family stay at the Kill Devil Hills vacation rental property "Shades of Blue" each year. This is the 2nd consecutive week that we have had guests from this property submit a photo for Memory Monday! The subject of this photo is Luise's rescue dog "JB" or more formally "James Bond."

This great sunset photo was taken on Bay drive in Kill Devil Hills, and JB seems to be saying "Dog Gone Right I'm a good looking dog!" Luise says JB can't wait for his next visit to Shades, and to the OBX.

Dog Gone Right
Just call me JB

Kill Devil Hills has a great walking path along the soundfront of the town. We highly recommend a stroll along the path or a walk on the community pier (pictured in the background) on your next visit.

Thanks to Luise for sharing this photo memory of their stay. We look forward to serving the Yacono family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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