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Escape to the Outer Banks!

This week's Memory Monday submission comes to use from Fran Hershewe of Kansas City, Missouri who stayed with Outer Banks Blue Realty Services this past July in the property "Dreamweaver" in Corolla.

What a great vacation Fran and her family had (judging by these pictures)!

She tells us that these photos were from our second trip to the Outer Banks. "Some dear friends and I decided a few years ago that we should all go on a beach trip together. The summer of 2009 was our first trip-we enjoyed our time so much that we came back last summer. During that first summer we realized that the Outer Banks was the perfect place to go to get away from our hectic and somewhat stressful lives in DC and just spend time hanging out with each other. And thats really all we do during our trips to the beach-hang out and enjoy each others company. Whether it was grilling dinner, surfing, sleeping, reading books, playing tennis, going to the pool, lying out at the beach....that's it...the great escape...

The 11 of us had an epic drive down from Washington, DC we were all giddy with exhaustion and some of us decided to stop at the rest stop on the border of Virginia and North Carolina for a Dairy Queen treat. At the rest stop, Maeve decided to buy us some sparklers--the smallest amount she could find was a box of 12-she's holding them all proudly in the photo. As you can see in the photo, Maeve and Sam were really excited to use the sparklers on the 4th! Unfortunately, it was extremely windy and everyone got burned from trying to light them. After that we put the sparklers away until our very last night when we decided to bring them all back out and say goodbye to the Outer Banks until 2011. We had a blast the last night trying to use them all up! Til next year."

Thanks for sharing your favorite Outer Banks Memories with us Fran!

All the best from the beach!
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