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Front Steps Pictures - Memory Monday 3/30/2020

On this Monday we continue to limit our movements and do our part to fight the pandemic. We hope you and your family are well and we will all be able to return to normal activities soon. We wanted to share with you this week a project going on here on the Outer Banks called The Front Steps Project.


We read with interest an article on a local news outlet explaining this program where local photographers have been taking brief photo shoots of families on their front steps. You can read the article here and see that it is a project that will raise money for the Beach Food Pantry.

We have several folks that have submitted family pictures that would be in keeping with this project, and so we thought it appropriate to share some of our front steps porch pictures of guests that we have received.

front steps
Erin Anderson's Front steps photo
Front Steps
Chrissy Dickerson's family
Front steps
Pauline Warboy's fam

Thanks to all of our front porch picture people. We look forward to things returning to normal soon and we hope you and your family stay well.

All the best from the beach!

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