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Full Moon - Memory Monday 3/9/2020

Greetings from another fantastic Monday here on the last few nights the beach has been spotlighted by a wonderful Vernal Spring moon. Wow! How full can a moon get?

Full Moon Monday

Last evening it was simply wonderful waling along the beach after dark. The temperatures were in the high 60's and the skies are so clear this morning. They were also clear last night when we had a super worm moon! All we can say is Wow!

Acutal Show of the Moon on 3/8/2020

Man....what a picture! This one was sent in by one of our current guests, but they did not want to be identified on the blog. We thank him for this wonderful shot of the moon as it was rising over the ocean last night.

Keep in mind each Monday we post a photo from one of our guests on Memory Monday. Then every month we choose one of our entrants to win a $100 discount on their next year's reservation wtih Blue.

We thank our silent guest for this fantastic photo and we invite you to send in your photo memories to us.

All the best from the beach!

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