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Good Morning Sunshine - Memory Monday 4/23/18

What a beautiful sunrise we enjoyed this morning.  Reminds us of the song good morning Sunshine as the bright yellow ball rose over the ocean today.  Not to be confused with the song Good morning Starshine by Oliver.  Good morning sunshine  is a silly song written and performed by by Aqua which just makes you smile.Good morning sunshineThis week's memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Keith Bardeen of Alckwana, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Nags Head vacation rental property "All Seasons."This good sunrise was captured during their stay in September, but it could just as easily been captured this morning, as it looked substantially the same.This morning's sunrise, just as the one pictured above gave a foreboding sign however.

Weather Change Ahead

There is a famous saying in nautical circles that relates to today's Memory Monday photo.  "Red sky at night - Sailor's delight.  Red sky in the morning - Sailor's take warning."This would qualify as a red sky in the morning and sure enough today's weather forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain moving in later today, and all day tomorrow.   Not a great beach day on Tuesday expected on the Outer Banks.But at least the temperatures have warmed up to consistently warm levels so folks vacationing at the beach are enjoying golf, fishing, walking the beach and all outdoor activities that one enjoys while relaxing at the beach.We thank Keith again for his great sunrise shot this morning, and we look forward to serving him as well as you on your next stay on the Outer Banks.All the best from the beach!
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