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Happy to arrive - Sad to Leave. Memory Monday 1/8/18

Greetings to our loyal Memory Monday followers on this, our first Memory Monday posting of 2018.   After a few weeks off we are back, and better then ever with your favorite photo memories.  This week's posting is entitled Happy to arrive - Sad to leave, and is brought to us by a visitor who took a picture of the ocean view on their first day here, and then a picture of the sun rising over the ocean on the day of their departure.Sunrises at this time of the year on the Outer Banks are distinctive in that the sun is positioned to one's right, or south, as the sun is in the southern hemisphere at this time of the year.   This is an interesting contrast to some of the sun rise pictures we have presented here on Memory Monday from the summer when the sun seems like it is straight off of our coast, and it is in comparison to where it presents itself these cold winter days.Speaking of cold winter certainly has been that here on the Outer Banks over the last several days.We had rain last Wednesday night, and that turned into snow overnight with a cold snap.   Well the cold snap also froze the rain that we got under the snow, so as we publish this on Monday morning some 5 days after our storm the OBX is still paralyzed by the weather as the temperatures have not risen above freezing since.Our main roads have a sheet of 3 inches of ice and our side streets are even worse.   We don't deal with this weather very well in these parts!The good news is temps are expected to rise into the 40's today which should melt our ice covered roads, and by the end of the week it will be in the 60 degree range again.   Hooray!As always those of us on the Outer Banks count our blessings about where we live and work even when we have very rare ice and snow storms.All the best from the beach!
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