Posted by Tim Cafferty

Happy Father's Day - Memory Monday 6/21/21

We hope every father had a special day yesterday. Here on the OBX we took time to honor our fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and all those who helped support us as we grew up. It was a very special Father's day.

Tropical Storm Claudette

is working her way across the Outer Banks this morning and giving us some wet weather to start the week. The storm is going to be no big deal, but it will make it a bad beach day for our guests. Tomorrow should be much better for everyone to enjoy.

This week's memory Monday photo submission is an interesting one. In honor of Father's day yesterday we like this time lapse photo of these two growing up right before our eyes. Special thanks goes to Jodi Scheiterlein of East Berlin, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last week at the Southern Shores rental property "Dot's Spot." This photo is a great reminder of Father's day as well.

They grow up fast!

Thank you Jodi for sharing this great Memory Monday photo with us. We look forward to seeing next year's version! Can't wait to take care of you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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