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January's Memory Monday Winner

Today's submission is our first from one of our guests. Lyn Pontius and family from Midlothian, Virginia stayed with Outer Banks Blue for two weeks in September 2008, and recently showed us in pictures what a quality Outer Banks family vacation looks like. These pictures are what "Memory Mondays" are all about here at Everything Outer Banks. Thanks Lyn and friends for sharing. We look forward to seeing you all again this September! And for everyone else, enjoy our "Memory Monday Winner" for the month of January!Gregg and Pontius families on the OBX
The Gregg and Pontius families at the doesn't get any better when you can share good times with dear friends!

Chewie and Brian Pontius at Sanderling
Chewie and Brian Pontius after a run on the beach at Sanderling!

Chewie Pontius
If you've got it, you've got it! Need I say more...(Chewie Pontius)

Pontius Boys Pyramid
Patrick, Jay, and Brian Pontius training for the Olympics!

Pontius Boys Practicing
Patrick, Jay, and Brian Pontius practicing 'cow tipping'...ever heard of that?

Kid Friendly Outer Banks
Addison Gregg loves the beach!

Dog Friendly Outer Banks
Would someone PLEASE take this thing off my nose...OR "Our dog Chewie is rescuing a beached whale!"

Outer Banks Beach View
What a is good!

Outer Banks Brotherly Love
Brotherly love (Brian and Jay Pontius)! They've played ball on the beach every year since they were born.

Outer Banks Pet Friendly Beach
Pat and Chewie Pontius deciding on what to do next at the beach! OR: Please, please let me go chase birds and crabs!

Juggling on the Outer Banks
Brian Pontius working on his juggling skills---is that what he learned at UVA?!

Outer Banks Gang
This picture was taken during a Nor'easter. It was freezing cold, pelting rain, and windy as could be but THE GANG (Brad Gregg, Jay Pontius, Jamie Bird, Brian Pontius, and Patrick Pontius) insisted on taking a dip!

Pontius Family
Dad (Pat Pontius) with two of his all-time faves---his dog and his wife (Chewie and Lyn)

Outer Banks Family Fun
Cleaning or partying? You decide...(Jay, Patrick, Brian and Lyn Pontius)

Reading on the OBX
There is nothing better than reading at the beach during the late afternoon! (Patrick Pontius)
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