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Joy at The Beach - Memory Monday 9/6/21

Happy Labor Day. We hope you are enjoying the day and doing what you want. It is a great day to hang out at the beach. This week's Memory Monday photo reminds us of the joy a beach day can bring.

Perfect Beach Weather

is what we have today and we have enjoyed over the last few days. Temperatures have cooled off a bit to the low 80 degree range. The humidity is also much lower than it has been. Add those two ingredients with a light southerly wind and you have the making of a fantastic day to grab a beach chair, put on your flip flops, and head to the water.

I was able to do that yesterday afternoon. It was great to watch the waves roll in while talking to friends. It was a simple, but very satisfying day.

This week's Memory Monday photo comes to us from Rachel Tait of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Rachel and her family stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Duck vacation rental property "Five Lucky Ducks."

Her caption with the photo below says it best. "This face says it all - pure joy at the beach!"

Yaay - Beach Time!

Thank Rachel for sharing your photo memory of your stay at the Outer Banks. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

Don't forget every Monday we post a new photo memory right here on "Everything Outer Banks." Each month we randomly choose one of our posted photos to win a $100 discount off of your next year's rental with Blue.

All the best from the beach!

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