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Lisa and Greg on the OBX - Memory Monday 2/1/21

Greetings from the Outer Banks on this first day in February. We got rain over the last 24 hours whereas all of our neighbors to the north seem to have gotten a lot of snow. Another reason to consider a winter getaway to the OBX! Just like Lisa and Greg did as you will see with this week's picture.

Private Beaches Abound

This time of year is in a word - quiet on the Outer Banks. As we have chronicled in this space previously we have seen an unprecedented number of visitors in the area at this time of year. Typically we would see less than 5% of our properties filled at this time of the year, but we are seeing occupancy rates of nearly 50% in 2021. The OBX continues to be a great Covid-19 getaway spot for many people. Restaurants are still open, but practicing safety standards. The wi-fi is great in our houss, and be ocean is just as beautiful in winter.

Is seems a January getaway is the case this week for Lisa and Greg who recently stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the property "Sea Vue" in Duck. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on the OBX!

They provided this great picture of them enjoying the beach in January.

Lisa and Gret
Enjoying the Beach in January!

Thanks for sharing your photo memories with us. It looks like you enjoyed your stay, and we look forward to serving you again soon, and Happy Anniversary from Blue!

Keep in mind each week we post a photo memory of one of our guests that enjoyed their stay. Then each month we choose one of our entrants for a a $100 discount off of their next stay with us.

Look for your photo memory published right here just as Lisa and Greg did.

All the best from the beach!

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