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Making Outer Banks Beach Memories

This Monday is an absolutely gorgeous beach day here on the Outer Banks, and we want to dedicated this week's Memory Monday to the place that creates a majority of the memories on the OBX - The Beach!

This week's submission comes to us from Kim Merickel of Cardon, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the "Beachcomber" property in Corolla in June. Kim's pictures of her family enjoying the OBX beach are of her daughter Krystel , KIim's Son in law Tim McCaskey, Kim's husband Mark, and most importantly their very special girl Dani Taraba who is four years old and loves the beach. Dani has downs syndrome, but she obviously is enjoying her time at the beach more than most children ever would. What a great memory to share with all of us!

Thanks Kim for sharing your wonderful memories!

All the best from the beach!
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