Posted by Tim Cafferty

Matching shirts - Memory Monday 8/24/20

It is another glorious Monday morning here on the Outer Banks with comfortable beach temperatures and matching water conditions. What a great time to be at the beach!

Memory Monday

is a time for us to share photo memories of our guests with you. Each week we get a large number of photo memories from our visitors who give us creative images or touching family pics. These pictures remind us of how special this place is to so many people.

This week we share with you a picture from Amanda Barnett, of Ashland, Pennsylvania who stayed with Outer Banks Blue recently at the property "Catching Rays." Amanda tells us that each year they get matching T-shirts made for the kids. This year they could not help but include something about the pandemic that we are all dealing with.

A Good Philosophy

We thank Amanda for her photo submission and we look forward to not only serving your family again soon, but also seeing what next year's t-shirts look like.

All the best from the beach!

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