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Memory Monday 10/22/18 Sunrise

We really don't mean to be repetitive here at Everything Outer Banks, but it occurs to us, although most people don't get up early enough to enjoy them, the majority of photos people have on their phones is a picture (or 12) of an OBX Sunrise.We that live here on the banks get conditioned to seeing beautiful snapshots of nature on a daily basis, and taking them for granted, but every now and then we get reminded of how lucky we are to live where we live and deal with nice people like you.So this week we share with you three breathtaking sunrises that we have in our hopper and share them with you to start your day the right way.  What better way to start the day with our most popular product here on the OBX - a sunrise.Sunrise So these photos come to us from three of our valued guests here at Outer Banks Blue.The one on the top left comes to us from Darell Warbird who took that photo of the sunrising as he was on a charter boat headed to the gulf stream to fish one morning this summer.The picture on the right side was taken and sent to us from Ricki Fairley who sent us a number of pictures that captured their memories of the OBX stay, but this one really caught our eye, and we think you will like it too.The photo on the bottom left comes to us from Robert Delpercio who captured the clouds just perfectly in this snapshot.Whatever way you capture a sunrise on the Outer Banks there is one thing for sure, it captures you too so we hope this gives your day a little boost.As always we thank our contributors and we look forward to serving them all again soon.  We also look forward to serving you and your group too.All the best from the beach!
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