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Glorious Sunset: Memory Monday February 27, 2017.

Glorious SunsetHappy Monday everyone!   It is getting to be a happy version of a broken record as we greet you on a beautiful Monday here from the Outer Banks.   This past week was unbelievably good with regard to the weather with temps this past Saturday reaching the mid-70' February!Today and this week look like a repeat, with temps already reaching into the 60's this morning, and this coming Wednesday we could see a high temp of 80 degrees!   What a great time to be at the beach!   Restaurants are open, beaches are uncrowded, and the folks staying here for a winter respite this week are understanding why the first settlers in this area called this "the goodliest land."This brings us to another Memory Monday photo which is a panorama photo of a sunset from the Duck Boardwalk.We are amazed each week at how good the photography is from some of our guests that provide us photos for our weekly Memory Monday photo submission contest.  This one is no different.   Special thanks goes to Joseph Thompson of Glen Burnie, Maryland who says he was using the panorama feature on his cell phone for the first time when he captured this shot.Joeseph and his family stayed with Blue in the vacation rental property "Inn Jeopardy" in Southern Shores.  He says they had a great time and will be back again soon.    How about this week Joe?We look forward to serving you all again soon.All the best from the beach!
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