Posted by Tim Cafferty

Morning Fishing in Corolla: Memory Monday March 23, 2015.

Morning Fishing in CorollaWell Spring has sprung on the Outer Banks and people are returning to the beach.  As I write this on Monday morning the sun is rising over the ocean on another beautiful day on the OBX.Today's scene over the ocean looks very much like the Memory Monday photo submission we have for you this week that comes to us from Sara Ciaverella of Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania who has stayed with us in the past at Outer Banks Blue  and is looking forward to being with us this coming August in the vacation rental property "A DeWar's Dream" in Corolla.This picture was taken on Sara's most recent visit to the Outer Banks where she was able to get in some early morning fishing in Corolla.Thanks Sara for your photo memories.  We look forward to your return soon to the OBX.All the best from the beach!
By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services
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