Posted by Tim Cafferty

Memory Monday 5/12/14

Guard Dog!

We here at Memory Monday see a lot of pet pictures.   Many times called "man's best friend" we can't help but smile at most of the photos we get as we see fido enjoying an Outer Banks vacation.   With that said we couldn't help but say "Awwwww" when we saw this weeks Memory Monday photo submission.

Don't you dare come any closer!
This week's photo memory submission comes to us from Gail Hartsoe of Rockville, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last September in the property "Kestrel's Perch" in Duck.

This photo is of Colton and Bernardus.    As Gail put it "Our family dog is guarding the youngest member of the family as he takes a rest."

Thanks Gail for sharing your photo with us.

All the best from the beach!

By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services
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