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Danny's Necklace: Memory Monday June 15, 2017.

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all of the mother's out there.   We had a great weekend here on the Outer Banks with sunny skies and warm weather.  Today's Memory Monday photo submission has a great story behind it and so we step aside to hear the story of Danny's Necklace from Fred Streb of Chantilly, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the Corolla Vacation Rental property "Island Hopping."Here goes the story of Danny's Necklace...We arrived on Saturday and the grown kids went to the Beach, while the parents went food shopping.  When we got back we heard that Danny, my daughter's boyfriend, lost his necklace in the ocean.Danny's grandfather gave him the necklace and the pendant/s were provided by his parents.  Danny accepted a job with the DC Park Police after graduating college, then went to GA for training for 5 months.  He was to start his first day on the streets of DC this Wednesday after vacation.  The necklace was provided as protection from any harm and met a great deal to him as Danny's father and brother are both DC policemen and have been provided similar necklaces. They searched for the necklace for hours.  When everyone came home to eat dinner, Danny stayed and continued to search, to no avail.My daughter and Danny had to go home on Tuesday to get back to work.That night, a boy named Ryan, at the beach down from PA, went night crabbing with this flashlight.  While crabbing, he saw a shiny thing in the sand with his flashlight and picked it up.  That shiny thing was Danny's necklace.  He put the necklace on and had a picture taken with it on.  He brought it back to his beach house and showed his family.Later in the week, his Mom said that he should sell it and keep half of the money and give the other half to charity.  He thought better and said that he needed to find the real owner and it probably means a lot to someone.  On his own, on Thursday, twelve year old Ryan, started going to groups of people on the beach and asking them if they lost a necklace.  We were the third group he happened upon.  He asked us if we lost a necklace.  We looked stunned and said, YES!!!  He asked us to describe it.  We really hadn't seen the necklace much as we just arrived at the beach, but we tried and were giving pretty good descriptions.  We asked him to show us the necklace and we would confirm or deny upon seeing, but he said, "I'm not wearing that thing out here, I'll get jumped!  It's too nice".  I called my daughter immediately to get a better description and actually put her on the phone with Ryan.  He was then convinced it belonged to our group, but to further assure him, I asked him to get it and we'll take a picture and send it to my daughter to be sure.  We didn't want to take what wasn't ours and we didn't want to call Danny to get his hopes up.He left us and told his Mom, but she too was skeptical that we really lost the necklace and that he really found the owners.  We could see from a distance that she was unsure, so we approached her and to tell her of our story while Ryan went back to the beach house to get the necklace.   Later, Ryan returned with the necklace.The attached picture was taken and sent and CONFIRMED that in fact it was Danny's.Danny will forever be grateful to Ryan for his perseverance and desire to find the owner and will be sending Ryan gifts of appreciation in addition to what we provided on the spot.A memory we will never forget.  Ryan will have good karma and our prayers for years to come. No doubt....thanks for sharing your wonderful story on Memory Monday.All the best from the beach!
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