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Kitty Hawk Sunrise: Memory Monday June 19, 2017.

We hope everyone had a great Father's day yesterday.  It sure was a hot one here on the Outer Banks with temps in the high 80's and the humidity right there too.  A great day usually starts with a great sunrise, and this week we have a Kitty Hawk sunrise for you.There's a saying that says "red sky at night = sailor's delight.  red sky in the morning = sailor's warning."    Well you can tell by this snapshot provided to us by Donald Morris of Watervliet, New York that a storm was on the way if that saying holds true.Indeed the saying did hold true as one day after this photo was taken a nor'easter came in and the weather did go south the very next day.Donald and his family stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the vacation rental property "Sea Spray" in Kitty Hawk.  In fact this picture was taken from the deck of Sea Spray.  Pretty good view huh?Well the weather looks nothing like that this week.  The waves are calm, the wind is calm and the temperatures are hot this week on the Outer Banks.   If you are already here you know it will be a great week.  If you are coming later in the summer we look forward to seeing you then and having some great weather for you too!All the best from the beach!
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