Posted by Tim Cafferty

"The Bang": Memory Monday July 11, 2016.

This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Darlene Londeree of Fairfax, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Nags Head vacation rental property "Heaven Sent."We try hard every week to present the many different perspectives and stories that we hear from our wonderful guests each week.  Happy stories of families coming together and making memories is a real joy for us.   However this week we think the best words to describe this photo come from Darlene.We will let Darlene tell you the story of this week's picture.Heaven Sent OBX 2015"Two years ago this 80 year old Newport News native known as 'The Bang' to his grandchildren (pictured) never backed down to the bladder cancer he was facing.  After many series of treatments, surgery, and a close brush with death, God was not finished with my Father's purpose on this side of heaven.  It had been 33 years since the last time I visited the OBX with my Dad and was so happy the plans to have all his grandchildren enjoy his infamous steaks one evening at 'Heaven Sent' was quite the blessing.  No matter what circumstance we face, Got is with us and he is good all the time!"Thanks Darlene.   Well said.  So glad you had a super family vacation!  We look forward to serving you, "The Bang" and the rest of your family again soon.All the best from the beach! 
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