Posted by Tim Cafferty

Patriot Day: Memory Monday September 11, 2017.

Greetings on this Patriot Day 2017.   For those of us old enough there is always a couple of constants about today.  First we all remember where we were when we got the news, and the other is the incredible feeling of betrayal that something like the 9/11 attacks could actually happen on our soil.As always we remember those who were lost that day, we look at the american flag with a little more pride today, and we strive to never let it happen again.So as we dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irma here on the Outer Banks our thoughts also turn to those who were affected by this monster storm in locations to our south.  Keep everyone in your good thoughts, and do what you can do to help.With all of that said we distract ourselves for just a minute to enjoy Memory Monday.  This is our weekly photo submission contest where we post photos that were taken by Outer Banks Blue guests.  Once per month we pick a winner and give that person a $100 credit towards their next stay with Outer Banks Blue.This week's Memory Monday submission shows us the other side of nature's power - A beautiful sunrise. It comes to us from William Bassett of Henrico, Virginia who stayed with Blue in July at the Duck Vacation rental property "Am-Di-Lar." We applaud your time lapse photography skills William as well as your getting up early to catch this shot!  The sun was rising at about 5:20 AM around the time he stayed with us.  That is commitment!  But you got a great shot. We look forward to serving William and his family again soon.All the best from the beach!
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