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The Boys At The Beach: Memory Monday September 26, 2016.

The Boys At The BeachThanks goes out this week to Kathleen McLee of Yorktown Heights, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue the week of Labor Day.We are so glad to see that Kathleen and her family had a great time at the beach, because Hurricane Hermine definitely affected her stay.    The house Kathleen and her family originally reserved with us was one of about 150 of our properties that suffered some sort of damage from the storm on the weekend on September 4th.    It was a wild weekend then as we had surprise winds in excess of 100 MPH in some places around the Outer Banks, and in this particular situation some windows were actually blown out of the property she was expected to occupy.She and her family were patient as we found a suitable replacement for them to enjoy their vacation.  The property they stayed in was "at OBX.Calm" in Corolla, and obviously they were able to enjoy some relaxing beach time!the-boysWe love this picture because it shows that people are not the only ones that enjoy vacationing on the Outer Banks.   The pup on the right seems to be saying with his look that he's "a bit tired from playing in the water, and I'm just taking it easy right now." Whatever the case we are glad that Kathleen sent along her photo memories of her stay with us, and we look forward to serving all of you again soon!All the best from the beach! 
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