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Mirlo Rescue - Memory Monday 8/13/18

Greetings from the OBX!   Summer is in full swing, and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Lots of things to do and places to see, and we are trying to take it all in.   Speaking of which tomorrow is a historic day here on the Outer Banks as it marks the 100th anniversary of the Mirlo Rescue on Hatteras Island.The Mirlo rescue is well known in these parts as the Mirlo, a British tanker loaded with fuel was torpedoed by a German U-Boat about 7 miles off the coast.  The U.S. Coast guard's lifesaving crew in Rodanthe launched their new 26 foot rescue boat and made their way to the crippled British boat and saved 42 souls.  The rescue took place 100 years ago from this coming Thursday.The rescue station the crew came from, and the actual life saving boat that was used is still there in Rodanthe and this week there are a number of events scheduled to commemorate the event.   Check out for more information and for a video of the weekly staged lifesaving demonstrations that are performed there each week.As for our Memory Monday photo contest we have a photo submitted from one of our guests that does not have attribution.   Someone forgot to tell us their name when they sent the photo, but we still are publishing the photo because it is a great shot of summer weather moving through.We've had a lot of Thunderstorms this summer, with very impressive clouds, thunder, and lightning moving through the Outer Banks.   The skies typically change color, the temperature cools, and a quick breeze moves in as well whenever we see a scene like this.Mirlo pictureAlthough pictures like this can be scary, they are also somehow beautiful as well when we witness the power of nature at work in our every day lives.  Don't forget to send us here at Outer Banks Blue your favorite photo memories.Thanks to the person that sent this picture, and we hope everyone has a great week!All the best from the beach.
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