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My First Outer Banks Blue Crab Feast

This week's Memory Monday Photo Contest Entry comes to us from Ashley Scheirer of Millersville, Pennsylvania. Ashley and her family stayed with Outer Banks Blue this past summer at the "Tornquist" property in Duck Village.This photo is of Ashley's 6 month old daughter Hailey who is having fun with her first taste of crab. We should caution you all as they do on television when there is some amazing stunt being performed that "you should not try this at home! Obviously Hailey is a highly trained professional when it comes to handling steamed crabs and Outer Banks Blue does not encourage the practice of eating steamed crabs with the shell and claws still on the crab!" Lol.Ashley tells us about this photo "We caught crabs and had crab night at the house and it was great! Good friends, Good food, great times!" See you soon!Thanks to Ashley, Hailey and all of the people that continue to send in photos for our Memory Monday Photo Contest. We draw an entry out of our pool of submissions each month and the winner gets $100 off of their next year's stay with Outer Banks Blue. Please be aware that we have a lot of photos in the hopper so if you have submitted your photo and haven't seen it yet we will get to it soon and let everyone see your great memories of your stay with Outer Banks Blue and of the OBX!All the best from the beach!
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