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North Carolina Power opens Alternative Energy Labratory

Micro-Wind Turbines Spinning in Kitty Hawk

This past Friday (July 25, 2014) North Carolina Dominion Power held a ribbon cutting ceremony at their Kitty Hawk operations facility to unveil the company's own on-site renewable energy to meet some of its electrical needs.

The facility has 24 solar panels, a 65 foot high wind turbine, two different 30 foot high wind turbines, and a 25 foot high windspire wind turbine.   N.C. Senator Bill Cook, Dare County Commission Chair Warren Judge, and N.C. Dominion power representatives cut the ribbon at the facility in front of the turbines.

Ribbon Cutting group pictured in front of one of 4 wind turbines at the facility

Michael Thompson, Public Affairs Manager for Dominion N.C. Power is pictured here in front of a gathering of interested citizens and politicians from all over Dare County.  Mr. Thompson hosted the event and spoke to the crowd of approximately 100 about the wind energy research that this project will provide.  In addition to State Senator Cook and Commissioner chair Judge every municipality in Dare County was represented at the event as were Currituck County officials present at the ceremony.

Dominion N.C. Power spokesman Michael Thompson 
 The "Micro-grid research project" is a demonstration project for the public as well as school children to come and see first hand how these items operate.  When at full capacity it is expected the devices will generate 19 kilowatts of energy.  Not enough to power the facility in Kitty Hawk, but an interesting interactive project where folks can see "the future energy options" that are being implemented by Dominion Power.

There are dedicated parking spaces at a kiosk outside the facility where visitors can see a video presentation about what is going on with the turbines and solar panels that are located there as well as seeing a monitoring program to show how efficient the system is operating.

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