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Ocean Memories - Memory Monday 4/30/18

Greetings from the beautiful Outer Banks.   The weather is amazing today and it is expected to be the first "hot" week of the year.  Temps will be reaching into the 80's by mid-week and it is a sure sign summer is not far away.   This week's Memory Monday photo submission gives us a quick reminder of how quickly the ocean can change.This picture, submitted by Terri Fazio of Fairfax Station, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue recently at the Nags Head vacation rental property "All Seasons."During Terri's stay the winter storm "Riley" passed by which made for some angry surf - much different than today.   A common event in the winter here on the Outer Banks.Terri captured a shot of the ocean in its angry state and passed it along as a memory of her vacation.Ocean kicking upJennette's pier held steady through the storm as it has so often before when the ocean kicks up.  The pier, getting ready to celebrate its 7th year of operation in just a few weeks, is an engineering marvel.   The original pier dates back to the 1930's, and after being damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was completely rebuilt with concrete and opened as a part of the North Carolina aquarium system in 2011.The pier has become a center piece of Nags Head tourism.  It offers exhibits, self sustaining electric and water, a very popular event space (it is one of the most popular wedding reception locations on the Outer Banks), and most importantly it provides the opportunity for great fishing to visitors.  One of our favorite features of the pier is the hand made fish shaped inserts on the walkways that people have purchased to pay tribute to others.   It is worth the time to go to the pier just to read some of the captions.    Jennette's pier is definitely worth a visit during your next stay - whether there is a storm brewing or not.Thanks to Terri for sharing her photo memories.  We look forward to serving Terri and her family again soon.All the best from the beach!
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