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Our First Family Trip to Outer Banks Blue..We'll Be Back!

This week's Memory Monday submission comes to us from Erin Robinson of Jackson, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue from May 29th through June 5th in the "Gull Cottage" in Southern Shores. Erin and her crew were visiting the Outer Banks for the first time, but as she says "it will most assuredly not be our last!"The pictures submitted include shots of Erin, Bill (husband), and Avery (daughter)Among their favorite activities included visiting beaches all along the island from top to bottom. "We searched out shells from above Corolla, at the drive on beach, down all the way to Cape Hatteras. We also got to visit lighthouses in said locations. The pic of Cape Hatteras was taken on a Sunday, early in the evening, and I liked the look of it in black and white better than color, even though the color pic was good too. The lighthouses were amazing, and to imagine all of the restoration-the love and care is wonderful. We purposely didn't go to all of the historical sights so that we could leave more adventures for the next time. We also went on a dolphin tour, which was spectacular. We saw several pods of dolphins and it was a relaxing fun time.""We all agreed that it was the most relaxing week that any of us have had, EVER!! None of us wanted to leave, we wondered if anyone would notice if we didn't come back home. We have all been to other beaches, but we agreed that OBX was the best by far. It was the most family friendly and we are anticipating coming back next year. We are considering a Christmas trip too! Thanks for the memories, we'll be back!"Thank you Erin for sharing your memories. We look forward to serving you again soon at Outer Banks Blue!All the best from the beach!
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