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Perfect Cannonball - Memory Monday 8/6/18

Greetings from a glorious Outer Banks on this Monday morning as the sun is shining brightly, the ocean is inviting, the rain has stopped (after 15 straight days of some sort of precipitation), and the temperatures are going to be in the high 80's.   It is one of those days where you just want to jump in a pool and land a perfect cannonball!Ah yes, that brings us to today's Memory Monday photo submission which comes to us from Christine Gray of Germantown, Maryland who stayed with Outer Banks Blue in the Duck area vacation rental "Portside F."Portside Condos in Duck have a wonderfully positioned community pool that looks over the Currituck Sound, and as Christine's son shows it is perfect for making a splash with a cannonball!CannonballWe were interested to see that there are a number of websites on the Internet dedicated to the art of cannonballs at the pool.   There is one that describes the activity, there is one that gives a history of the art, there is a wikipedia page where you can learn the history of performing the wet and wonderful activity, and of course there are pages on youtube where you can watch a video of the perfect performance of one.The page we were really interested in however is the one where a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) explains the best technique on the subject.   Who knew?What we do know is that we appreciate Christine sending us this great photo memory of their stay on the Outer Banks, and we also know today is a great day to go out and practice our technique at the pool or favorite water spot.Instead of heading to the pool today however we are thinking about heading somewhere that is really not that conducive to cannonballs and that is the beach!  It is a perfect beach day and so we are going to enjoy it along with all of the lucky visitors on the Outer Banks.We look forward to talking to you again next Monday when we share another great photo memory of one of our valued guests.All the best from the beach!
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