Posted by Tim Cafferty

Rescued - Memory Monday 2/24/20

Greetings from an unseasonably warm and sunny Outer Banks on this last Monday of February. A great day to be rescued from your daily routine and mentally get away to the Outer Banks.

Getting Away with Friends

One of the common themes we see is people taking time away from their normal "grind" and enjoying the company of those they like the best. That is the case again this week on Memory Monday as Nancy Pingitore of Levittown, Pennsylvania who stayed with Blue recently.

Here's Nancy pictured on the front steps of the Duck vacation rental "Rescued" with her good friend Taz.

Greetings from the beach!

It looks like Taz and Nancy had a great time together on their vacation.

This is the last Monday of February (I know, hard to believe right?) and we are quickly filling our available summertime weeks. If you have not made your summer vacation plans give us a call today so we can find you and your friends the right spot.

All the best from the beach!

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