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Sea Turtle on The Beach - Memory Monday 8/2/2021

We are back with your weekly pick me up. It is Memory Monday from Outer Banks Blue. This week we share a Sea Turtle sighting.

Beach sculptures

are a rare and beautiful sight on the beach. We are not talking about sand castles built from a sand pail. No - beach sculptures are painstakingly made with care and involve many hours of work.

That is the subject of this week's Memory Monday with a photo brought to us from Rose Lyle of Worthington, Ohio. Rose and her family stayed with Blue last week at the Kitty Hawk vacation rental "Carolina Blue."

Here's the results of a day of working at the beach.

Sand sculpture
Sea Turtle sighting
Sea Turtle
Look what I caught!

Rose tells "We had a great time building a sea turtle on the beach! Luckily, many fellow beach goers (little & big) helped gather shells for the shell!"

What a great photo, and a great memory of your stay. Thank you Rose for sharing your photo memories with us.

We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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