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See the Light - Memory Monday 5/17/21

Greetings on this mid-May Monday morning from the Outer Banks. Gas supplies seem to be normalizing around the area, and we can see the light past the latest crisis to hit. Today is another great day to be on the OBX.

Let's go to Hatteras

One of the favorite activities of our guests is to take a day trip to Cape Hatteras to see the lighthouse. That tallest lighthouse on the east coast also has to be one of the most photographed. The black and white candy-striped light stands tall to warn passing ships of the dangers around the cape.

No matter how many times you have seen it the Cape Hatteras light will capture your imagination when you see it. Thinking of how many ships have passed by seeing the light every 12 seconds. Even thinking of how long it has been where it is amazes. It is definitely worth the trip to see this historic site.

The lighthouse is the subject of this week's Memory Monday photo submission. Special thanks to Barbara Fisher of Clyde, North Carolina who stayed with us last week in the Nags Head rental property "Majestic Palm #2." Barbara and her family took a day trip to see the famed lighthouse and sent in this picture for us to enjoy.

see the light

So not only did Barbara and her family see the light, but now you can see the light any time you like. Well at least you can see the view from the light.

Just two weeks ago the national park service announced there is now a webcam on top of the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Now you can see the coast at any time as if you are on top of the lighthouse. Take a look here to see it for yourself!

Impressive huh?

We thank Barbara for her picture. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

All the best from the beach.

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