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Shark Week - Memory Monday 7/29/19

By now you have no doubt heard that this week is the most popular viewing week for the Discovery Channel. It is Shark week on the television network, and it is the most popular week of viewing for the channel - by far. People have a real fascination with sharks.

OBX Sharks

One of the favorite past times for Outer Banks visitors is to go fishing. This summer anglers are catching a record amount of fish, but also catching sharks. Sharks on the Outer Banks is nothing new, but this week's memory Monday photo shows us the first shark catching we've seen in a while.

Shark week
Shark Week!

The catch details

This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Diane Richard of Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Diane stayed with Outer Banks Blue just last week in the Corolla vacation rental property "Sandtastic." She tells us her boys had their big catch right on the beach behind the house. We think this is a juvenile Thresher shark.

Small sharks like this are very common on the Outer Banks. Shark attacks are heavily covered by the media. This week's television shows concentrate on the dramatic side of the animals, but the fact is they are a part of the cycle of life in the ocean. Sharks provide a very valuable function in the ocean's ecosystem.

Most times sharks stay far from people, but they are known to feed at dawn and at dusk. Keep that in mind as you venture into the water.

By the way, Diane was quick to tell us that this was a catch and release situation. The shark was caught, pictures were taken, and the shark was released. He went back into the water to keep the ocean life cycle in order.

She sends along this second picture as well saying "No I didn't bury my kids in Corolla."

shark week

The three universities appreciate the plug!

Thanks for the pictures Diane. We are glad that you and your family had a great stay on the Outer Banks. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

All the best from the beach!

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