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Smiles Everywhere - Memory Monday 1/10/2022

Greetings on another Monday from the Outer Banks. This week we have smiles everywhere for you. We are smiling because it is the new year. We are smiling because we continue to have mild weather. We are also smiling from this week's Memory Monday submission.

Family Vacations

are what we specialize in at Outer Banks Blue. We have had more than 6000 stays at our vacation rental properties in the past year. The majority of those stays have been family oriented getaways where there have been smiles everywhere. There is just something about a gathering at the beach with loved ones, at any time of the year, that just brings happiness.

This week's Memory Monday photo submission is another example of a great family gathering. Special thanks goes to Jennifer Franceskino of Maple Hill, North Carolina. Jennifer and her crew stayed with Blue last week in the Corolla vacation rental "Slam Dunk."

Jennifer provided us an array of pictures, but that all have one thing in common. - Smiles Everywhere.

smiles everywhere
Happy Guys!
smiles everywhere
Sunset on the deck - with a smile!
smiles everywhere
Group Smile from Wright Brother's Memorial
smiles everywhere
Yes, that is another smile!

Jennifer it looks like your group had a wonderful time visiting the Wright Brother's Memorial. But then again, it looks like your group had a wonderful time everywhere they went! The Memorial is a great place for the whole family to enjoy the story of the first powered flight. It is an amazing experience as you can see from the last photo above!

Thank you for providing your photo memories of your recent stay with us. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

Keep in mind every Monday we share photo memories of our guests. If you have a photo memory of your stay please share them with us. You may just see your picture(s) here next week!

All the best from the beach!

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