Your Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Outer Banks Vacation

A suitcase packed for the beach

There’s nothing quite like a beach vacation to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. And the Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, offers some of the most stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery in the country. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an action-packed adventure, this vacation destination has something for everyone. READ MORE

Memory Monday 7/7/14

Two for one Day…

We have received so many Memory Monday Photo submissions recently we are going to start sharing two photo memories this week.

The first photo memory we have comes to us from Sharon Rowland who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue in the vacation rental property “Sentimental Journey” in the Sanderling in Duck. Here’s a great serene shot of the soundside in Duck.


This next photo Sharon refers to as “The Happy Dance!”

Finally after a lot of playing at the beach sometimes you just need some shade to rest under.

Thanks Sharon for sharing your photo memories.   Sharon tells us her family had so much fun at Sentimental Journey the last time around they have two more visits scheduled for later in 2014!

The second Memory Monday Photo Submission we have for you this week comes to us from Angie Ellsworth of Wilmington, Delaware who stayed with Outer Banks Blue the week of June 21st in the property “Reel Retreat” in Corolla.

Angie proves with this photo that you can relax and fish with a beautiful view on the Outer Banks.

Thanks Angie for sharing your photo memories with us this week!

All the best from the beach!





By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

Packing for an Outer Banks Family Beach Vacation? Don’t Forget the….

Don’t get so excited about your vacation to the Outer Banks beaches that you forget to take the essentials. If you’re renting a house from Outer Banks Blue, you don’t need to worry about linens or towels, as we’ll provide those.Depending on how many people are in your family, their ages and what activities you plan on participating in, your exact list might change.

For Everyone

Think about your daily routine. Make a note about what items you and your family use every morning when you get ready for your day. You’ll need those same things when you venture off to the beaches in the Outer Banks. ‗ Toothbrush ‗ Toothpaste ‗ Floss ‗ Soap ‗ Deodorant ‗ Shampoo/conditioner ‗ Brush/comb ‗ Hair products‗ Hair dryer/curling iron/flat iron ‗ Prescription & OTC medications‗ First aid ointment/bandages ‗ Batteries (for cameras and electronics) ‗ Contact lenses/supplies ‗ Cosmetics ‗ Shaving cream/razors‗ Pajamas ‗ Underwear ‗ Clothes ‗ Shoes ‗ Accessories ‗ Phones/tablets/computers/games ‗ Chargers

For the Beach

It’s almost always less expensive to bring what you need rather than buy it in a resort area. However, it’s not always convenient. If you have room in your suitcases, it’s a good idea to pack some of these items for your trips to the beach.‗ Sunscreen/suntan lotion ‗ Aloe/sunburn cream ‗ Lip balm ‗ Hand sanitizer ‗ Beach bag ‗ Bathing suits _ Cover-up ‗ Sunglasses ‗ Beach towels ‗ Beach chairs ‗ Flip flops/water shoes _ Mask/snorkel/fins ‗ Beach/water toys ‗ Book/MP3 player ‗ Cooler/water bottles

For Babies/Special Needs

Traveling with infants, toddlers or people with special needs (such as senior citizens or those with physical impairments)? Be sure to pack anything in particular that they require.‗ Stroller‗ Baby seat‗ Pack-n-Play‗ Wheelchair‗ Cane/walkerEnjoy your visit to the Outer Banks!

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