Posted by Tim Cafferty

Memory Monday 7/7/14

Two for one Day...We have received so many Memory Monday Photo submissions recently we are going to start sharing two photo memories this week.The first photo memory we have comes to us from Sharon Rowland who stayed with us at Outer Banks Blue in the vacation rental property "Sentimental Journey" in the Sanderling in Duck. Here's a great serene shot of the soundside in Duck. This next photo Sharon refers to as "The Happy Dance!"Finally after a lot of playing at the beach sometimes you just need some shade to rest under.Thanks Sharon for sharing your photo memories.   Sharon tells us her family had so much fun at Sentimental Journey the last time around they have two more visits scheduled for later in 2014!
The second Memory Monday Photo Submission we have for you this week comes to us from Angie Ellsworth of Wilmington, Delaware who stayed with Outer Banks Blue the week of June 21st in the property "Reel Retreat" in Corolla.Angie proves with this photo that you can relax and fish with a beautiful view on the Outer Banks.Thanks Angie for sharing your photo memories with us this week!All the best from the beach!
    By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services
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