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Thinking of an Outer Banks Beach Wedding?

Spring time on the Outer Banks is definitely upon us, and in addition to the preparation of rental houses for the coming season we are also seeing weekend visitors increase. We've noticed here at "Everything Outer Banks" that some of those visitors are thinking about having their wedding on these mystical shores.The Outer Banks has been known for decades as a family oriented beach vacation. Lately the OBX has become quite well known as a destination to start the family journey as well. With events such as the annual OBX Wedding Expo each January, the growth of the Outer Banks Wedding Association, there is an Outer Banks Wedding Guide and heck, there is even an Outer Banks Wedding Magazine now. All of this should be a sign that weddings and the Outer Banks go together!Recently there has been an Outer Banks Wedding forum formed where potential Outer Banks Brides and Grooms can get input on any manner of things related to the big day. From the best Outer Banks beach wedding locations, to clothing that works for beach weddings, to the best photographers and caterers on the OBX , you can find it all on the Outer Banks wedding forum.One of the constant aspects of an Outer Banks Wedding is that the availability of rental homes in this area can make the experience just perfect. The backdrop of the ocean for your wedding reception, the cool sea breeze and the casual comfort of sand between your toes can make for a memory of a lifetime. Many rental agencies make portions of their inventory available not only for accommodations, but also weddings or the reception. Be aware however that many agencies do not welcome this kind of rental without specific advance approval and the execution of a lease that extends beyond the normal leasing arrangement on a property.There is so much to do and see at the Outer Banks it can be a great destination for everyone involved with the wedding. Here's an excerpt from a recent blog posting about a couple commenting on the wedding party that came to be with them in Corolla for their wedding: "Most everyone came and spent four to seven days. Cousins spent hours playing volleyball and body-surfing the waves. We had golfers, runners, anglers and tennis players. People toured the wildlife museum and went to see the wild horses. Others just spent hours at the beach, reading and talking. It was just great!"You can visit or to get information regarding licenses and regulations that are necessary to work through before the big day, and then let your imagination take flight to how you would want your big day remembered. You will find numerous companies ready to assist you in any way to make your Outer Banks Wedding a reality.
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