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Top 6 Things To Do When It Rains in the Outer Banks

things to do when it rains on the outer banksThere's nothing better than a sunny day at the beach. Unfortunately sometimes the weather changes in the blink of an eye and it ends up raining. Instead of getting upset and letting this rain hinder your Outer Banks vacation, embrace it! Here is our top 6 things to do when it rains on the Outer Banks.
  1. Movies: One of the most common activities to do when it rains is to go see a movie. Located in Kill Devil Hills is R/C Movies 10, our local movie theater. From delicious popcorn and refreshments to comfortable seating, this movie theater will leave you with a very pleasant experience to share with your family. With 10 movies playing there is bound to be something for the whole family to enjoy.
  2. Laser Tag: Here on the Outer Banks we have two different laser tag locations; Gearworks located in Nags Head and Destination Fun located in Kill Devil Hills. Laser tag is not only good exercise, it is also a great family experience. At Gearworks if you have kids or need a break from laser tag you can enjoy the arcade or the inflatable play area for kids. Destination Fun is not just known for their laser tag, they also have an indoor 3D mini golf course and an arcade. Both of these places will be sure to leave you with a unique experience.
  3. Bowling: Located in Nags Head is our local bowling alley, OBX Bowling Center. From late night rock n' bowl to league tournaments you are bound to have a great time with friends and family! If you need a break from bowling don't worry they have an arcade and a delicious refreshment bar.
  4. Aquarium: If you're looking for an enjoyable and educational activity to do when it rains on the Outer Banks then be sure to head over to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. From alligators to sharks the aquarium will be sure to leave you mesmerized as you watch and learn about all of the exhibits. For kids there is a hands on experience between the touch tank and the sea turtle rehabilitation center, but let's face it most adults will enjoy this too.
  5. Shopping: Shopping is always a good rainy day option on the Outer Banks. We have a little something for everyone. Most people enjoy going to the Tanger Outlet in Nags Head. The Tanger Outlet has a wide variety of stores that will suit most everyone's needs. The Outer Banks is home to many surf shops that offer a wide variety of products from clothing and accessories to surfboards and boogie boards. If you have anyone in your family that likes to fish, the Outer Banks has you covered. There are many great bait and tackle shops that stretch from Corolla to Hatteras. These bait and tackle shops will not only be able to provide you with the supplies you need but will also be able to provide you with an accurate fishing report of the area.
  6. Staying At Your Vacation Rental: It's nice to get out of the house when it's raining on vacation, but it can also be just as enjoyable to stay at the house and spend some quality time with the family. Often times on vacation family members and friends are so excited to get to the destination and fulfill all of their plans that they overlook the most important part... quality time with the family. If it rains on vacation this is the perfect opportunity to really spend some time together. There are a number of activities to do when you stay at your rental. A great and popular way to spend time together when you stay inside is to break out the board games. Sometimes there is nothing better than having the whole family sitting around a table competing to see who will be the champion of the night. This tends to bring smiles, laughter, and happiness to all ages. After the board games are over you can all gather together in the living room and relax by watch a movie.
The next time it rains on your Outer Banks vacation try to remember that there are plenty of rainy day activities to enjoy!
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