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Wedding on the Beach - Memory Monday 2/5/18

Good Monday morning from the cool Outer Banks.  We hope you were satisfied with the results of the Super Bowl last night and looking forward to a great day. Sorry to the Patriots fans, but we are sure Philly fans are flying high today.  What a great game if you did not have a rooting interest.  We know that doesn't soften the blow for Pats fans, but it was entertaining.  For whatever reason, and in one of the worst transitions.....we thought it would be a great day to share pictures of a wedding on the beach!.  Sorry, that was really bad.Weddings on the Outer Banks have become big business over the last several years, and it is rare that any given weekend doesn't have several weddings taking place around the area.  In fact there are at least two wedding expos that take place here in the Spring and Fall where all manner of wedding related services share their offerings to brides and grooms that come to set up their big day at the beach.In fact, over the past 10 years many rental properties have been built specifically for "special events" such as a weddings and receptions.  We are aware of several in the Corolla and Carova area that have all manner of amenities that cater to large groups gathering for the special day.With that in mind we send out thanks today to the photo memory sent to us by Brittany Tuck who got married this past September on the beach in Southern Shores.Congratulations Brittany on your wedding.  You look fantastic, and what a great day for a beach wedding!  In her note to us with this photo the bride said "our wedding was everything we dreamed of!"That is fantastic, and we appreciate you sharing your photo memories with us.  We look forward to serving you again soon as a family.   Give us a call soon.All the best from the beach!
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