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Where Do Vacation Homes Get Their Names?

Driving around the Outer Banks, there are no end to the number of beautifully painted, candy-colored houses that decorate the beachfront one might see. Each one during the summer has several cars out front, with friends and families gathered either on the decks or on the beach, enjoying the sun and warmth of summertime retreats.

But you’ve probably noticed that in addition to being beautiful vacation retreats, most houses on the Outer Banks have placards on the front of the houses, most houses on the Outer Banks have placards on the front of the houses, with beautiful names such as “Atlantic Belle” or “Castle on a Cloud.”

Beach house names can be as unique as the getaways themselves. Whether inspired by the house's charm, its sandy setting, the owners’ hobbies, or a catchy tune, the perfect name captures the essence of these beach havens.

Most owners spend a lot of time and effort in naming their houses to make sure that they are beautiful, timeless, and memorable. To illustrate, I’ve picked out four houses currently available through Outer Banks Blue to share a bit about the history of their names.

6 bedrooms/4 full bath/sleeping 14

If the name “Southern Paws” makes you think of sandy dog toes, you would be correct. The name is as much a promise as a title, since it is one of the many dog-friendly houses in the Outer Banks Blue Realty family.

It may cause you to question why a house on the Northern beaches of Corolla would be boldly titled as “southern,” but many visitors to the Outer Banks come from states to the north, such as Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. With it being no more than a 6 hour car ride for most vacationers, it makes sense that many would want to bring along the family pet – OBX vacation rental companies charge a pet fee to bring Fido along, Outer Banks Blue properties do not, making it that much easier to include every member of the family.

4 bedrooms/4 full bath/sleeping 10

Most already know the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone, and his fantastical castle Camelot is no different.

First appearing in the 1100s poem Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, Camelot’s true location has been a mystery that has captured the imagination of folkloric scholars for centuries. But, as one Arthurian expert put it, "Camelot, located no where in particular, can be anywhere."

In the case of this Duck-based vacation home, it is right on the edge of the water, overlooking the dune! “Camelot” is an oceanfront property with a myriad of large windows from the top-level living area that look out on the expanse of sand and sea mere steps from the back door! The neighborhood of Sanderling is known for its uncrowded beaches, and there is a community pool available on the sound front area of the community. While it may not house the round table, “Camelot” is sure to fulfill all your hearts’ desires!

7 bedrooms/5 full bath/sleeping 14

Down in South Nags Head is beautiful “Stella Maris,” a large oceanfront manor with a large private pool and hot tub, with enough bedrooms to house everyone! You may notice the star decal in the large window on the front of the house, and if you thought that it was perhaps a reference to the name of the house, you would be right!

Stella Maris is a Latin title given to the Virgin Mary, meaning “Our Lady, Star of the Sea.” It’s a name given in antiquity to Polaris, the North Star, as Mary was prayed to as a guiding light to sailors and for protection for travel as they sailed across vast oceans, beset by waves and storms at every turn.

With the proximity of such attractions as Jeanette’s Pier, Outer Banks Fishing Pier, the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, and Pirate’s Cove marina, it’s easy to get lost in hours of fun and relaxation – but you can always count on “Stella Maris” to be there waiting for you at the end of a long day in the sun!

6 bedrooms/4 full bath/sleeping 14

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of “Footloose” is the 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon. While that need to cut free and be yourself (as well as party a little bit) may be in the spirit of “Footloose,” that is not the only interpretation of the name.

See, the term actually first appeared in the mid-1600s, meaning to have no ties, or to be free to move about.

That certainly ties into the themes of the movie, but it also is a perfect name for this property.

Like “Stella Maris,” “Footloose” is located in South Nags Head, only short drive from the marinas and piers. It’s also quite near the multi-use paths in Nags Head, giving you access to miles and miles of trail to bike or jog. You are truly free to roam and move about as you please at “Footloose!”

As you’re traveling around the Outer Banks, take the time to look up at the houses on either side of you. Each of the names for these various properties were carefully and lovingly chosen by the owners, and when you find your next Outer Banks vacation rental, don’t be afraid to ask why it was names as it was! You may find out something that makes you love it even more.

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