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10 Tips for Enjoying Your Outer Banks Vacation Without Gaining 10 Pounds

Gaining 10 Pounds

If you're anything like me then you're ready for some good food and relaxation on your Outer Banks vacation. You're excited to indulge in the local cuisine and you've been dreaming about laying on the beach soaking in the sunshine. You shouldn't let the thought of gaining weight stop you from fully enjoying your vacation. Then again who wants to gain weight and have to work twice as hard to lose it after vacation? What if I told you there was a way to fully enjoy your vacation without gaining 10 pounds? Here's my top 10 secrets to do just that...

1. Set challenges

It is important to set goals, or challenges, for yourself before your vacation begins. Often when people set a challenge for themselves they are more inclined to stick to it. For instance, maybe make 100 pushups a day challenge. This would mean that you make sure to complete 100 pushups before the day is over. You can do sets of 10 or 20 throughout the entire day to make it easier. Feel free to lower the number if 100 a day is too difficult, but make sure it still challenges you. This will keep you active and keep your body in fat burning mode throughout your vacation.

2. Portion Sizes

Have you noticed the portions most restaurants give these days? Oftentimes, there is easily enough food for two people. If you have someone that is willing to share a meal with you then you will not only save calories, you will save money as well. If no one is willing to share with you that doesn't mean you have to stuff yourself and eat the entire plate. Eat half of your plate and save the other half as a meal for later. Maybe you're eating in at your vacation rental and everyone is indulging in fattening foods such as pizza or ice cream. Why should you have to skip out on the delicious food when no one else is? It's all about the portion sizes. Instead of having 3 slices of pizza cut it back to 2 slices or even 1 and a half slices. More times than not that will be plenty of pizza to fill you up and still feel good afterward. The same goes for ice cream. Don't eat an entire bowl just have a good scoop. One scoop of ice cream may not seem like enough, but it should be plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pro tip: Take smaller bites. This will trick your brain into thinking you are eating more since it will last longer.

3. Choose Menu Options Wisely

Trying to keep the weight off on vacation doesn't mean you can't partake in eating out at delicious local restaurants with everyone else. Don't jump to a conclusion on the first thing you see that sounds good on the menu. Often there are many healthy menu items that are just as, if not more, delicious than the indulgent options. Pick your meal wisely and enjoy every bite of it. Instead of getting that plate of nachos smothered in cheese try some fresh local fish with coconut rice or another lean option.

4. Eat In

Outer Banks house rentals include fully equipped kitchens that make cooking in a breeze. Make eating in fun! Choose themes for every meal: Mexican, Chinese, grilling, seafood, vegetarian, etc., then research new recipes to try. Let every person/group choose a meal, so the entire group gets involved.

5. Include Super Foods

Superfoods are an amazing way to promote health. They are full of antioxidants and also boost metabolism. If you're looking to try some superfoods I would suggest heading to Mom's Sweet Shop in Kill Devil Hills and try on of their smoothies or Acai Bowls. They make a delicious breakfast or a perfect snack after relaxing on the beach. Because you'll have a kitchen, you can choose what to have on hand. Include super foods in your meals ( has a great list) that promote weight loss while being healthy.

6. Eat Healthy Food Every Day

Eating on vacation is all about balance if you don't want to gain weight. It's understandable to eat bad food, but if all you eat is bad food then you will definitely gain a bit of weight. Make sure you balance your vacation eating habits by eating healthy food every day.  If you plan on having an indulgent dinner like pizza then have a healthy breakfast like an Acai bowl. If you're having an indulgent breakfast like pancakes, make sure to have a healthy dinner like some local fish and vegetables.

7. Exercise

Few people like the idea of exercising while on vacation. After all, it's a time for rest and relaxation right? Well there's no reason that exercise can't be relaxing at the same time. The Outer Banks is home to beautiful wide-open beaches that are perfect for a relaxing jog or some beach yoga.  The fresh salt air and sound of the ocean slapping the shore will be relaxing enough that you'll hardly consider it "exercise". Exercise on vacation doesn't have to be traditional exercises like running and lifting weights. Try surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, or even some beach frisbee.

8. Stay Active

Staying active on vacation does not mean more exercise.  When we say stay active we just simply mean if you're lounging by the pool and need refreshments take the opportunity to walk back to the refrigerator rather than packing a cooler. This may not be as convenient, but it is a great opportunity to get those muscles moving and get the blood flowing. Today many Outer Banks vacation rentals come with an elevator. Rather than taking the elevator try using the stairs every time. It won't take much longer to get to your destination and you will be easily staying more active.

9. Get Mentally Ready to Return

As you prepare to leave your Outer Banks house rental, mentally gear up to get back to your normal eating habits. Remind yourself about the progress you'd made previously and get ready to accomplish your weight-related goals once you return.

10. Setback? Get Right Back on Track

If you're like most, you will most likely gain a pound or two while on vacation. Recognize that, despite your best efforts, slight weight gain could happen. Don't let that little setback throw you completely off track. Many people just give up. Just like indulging too much put the weight on, eating right will take it right back off.You've worked too hard to blow all you've accomplished now. Eating and indulging the correct way along with exercise empowers you to enjoy your vacation without any serious problems. Congratulations on your success so far and we'll see you soon in the Outer Banks!
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