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Aerial View - Memory Monday 4/9/18

Greetings from the Outer Banks!   We hope you are enjoying your Monday and looking forward to coming to see us at the beach very soon.   This week we bring you a different perspective on the beach - an aerial view.As you probably know the Outer Banks has deep roots in aviation.   The Wright Brothers migrated to this ribbon of sand about 120 years ago to conduct experiments that ultimately led to this area being the birthplace of aviation.  On December 17, 1903 the Ohio brothers successfully launched the first self powered aircraft in what is now Kill Devil Hills.One of the great things to do while on vacation is to take an air tour of the Outer Banks.   At the Manteo airport, which was a key military air field during world war II,  there is a company that offers breathtaking aerial tours of the Outer Banks.This week Sue Kehrig shares her photo memories of the experience. Aerial photoSue, of Sterling Heights, Michigan stayed with Outer Banks Blue in Nags Head and shot this picture while on a plane tour.   That is Jennette's Pier in the foreground of the picture, and Roanoke Island in the background of the photo.If you get the opportunity you should definitely take the time to see the beach from the air.   The Wright Brothers would be jealous of your view!Sue also sent a 2nd Memory Monday photo to us and that is of the Corolla wild horses roaming on the beach.Corolla wild horsesWe thank Sue for sharing her photo memories and we invite you to come and visit with us this summer to create your own photo memories.  Be sure to share them with us here at Everything Outer Banks so you can see them one Monday in the future.Until then, we look forward to serving you and your family soon.All the best from the beach!
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