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Back to school for many Outer Banks "Blue" kids!

School started for many students & employees across the Outer Banks and throughout North Carolina this week.  Their new book bags, shoes, and lunch boxes can be found throughout the halls.  The families that travel for the next few weeks share a different experience on the OBX.  Many are possibly traveling without kiddos, from a state where school has not started, or they are bringing their babies for their first glares of the sand covered beaches! 

The rental rates & gas prices decrease, traffic slows a bit, and we start to see more families interested in a long weekend or a day trip to the beach, as well as week long travel.  We hope to see your family here for a visit soon! 

We wish all of the children across the state and beyond a wonderful school year and look forward to seeing your smiling faces again next summer.  It was nice to see the teachers taking a break this summer as well as they relaxed across the beaches and prepared for another thrilling year of preparing our countries finest upcoming leaders packed into classrooms with creative kiddos we all know & love. 

We are excited to extend "BACK TO SCHOOL SAVINGS" to those interested in visiting the OBX at this point and through the rest of the 2013 year!  Click here for a direct look at our "Specials Page" and get started planning your LAST MINUTE GETAWAY! 

Some dreams have wings and we hope that you are able to walk on the beaches here in NC and watch your dreams come true together, and you have a story to share about the Outer Banks.

  By Michelle Elmore, Marketing Director

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