Dolphins – Memory Monday 6/18/18

Greetings from a sunny, hot and beautiful day at the beach.  It is just about a perfect Outer Banks day, and we hope you are ready to enjoy a stay with us soon.  Today’s Memory Monday photo submission brings us an early morning sign of a good day.  Dolphins frolicking in the surf.

This picture comes to us from Hope Hurton of Ohio shared two pictures with us that she took on her vacation here on the OBX just two weeks ago.

One of them was taken early in the morning as she and a friend were walking on the beach and as they watched the sun rise over the ocean they found a pod of dolphins enjoying an early morning stroll as well.


These mammals are not only fun to look at as they rise to the surface every few seconds, but around here we consider them a sign of good luck.  They are known as protectors as well.   Protectors because it is generally believed that dolphins actually chase away small sharks whenever they are present.   The good luck symbolism goes back to the days of ancient greeks, who considered Dolphins good luck because when they were off sailing to far off lands whenever they would see these characters the sailors knew land was not far away and they were in luck.  True story!

Hope said the scene was breathtaking.

Hope also shared with us another photo that is Memory Monday worthy today and we share that with you here.  Two of her children also frolicking in the same surf where the other picture was taken.   It is clear this sibling duo was having a great morning and enjoying themselves immensely.   As Hope so appropriately put it in the note she sent with the photo “My heart swells with love.”

Siblings in the surf

We thank Hope again for staying with Outer Banks Blue, and for sharing her photo memories of her trip.  It was our pleasure serving her family and we look forward to serving them again soon.

All the best from the beach!



Dolphins – Memory Monday 6/18/18

by Tim Cafferty time to read: 2 min

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