Easy times – Memory Monday 8/27/18

Happy Monday!  As our local school systems in the Outer Banks area start back today we have a little bit of sadness as it means this summer is quickly coming to a close.  We look back on a fun and happy summer that created a lot of easy times for us to enjoy.  Now it is onward and upward to a wonderful fall season!

Easy times at the beach is the theme of our Memory Monday photo contest today as Nancy Moore of Rimersburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with us a couple of weeks ago in the Duck vacation rental property “The Big Easy.”

Nancy’s pictures show a relaxing and fun family getaway that was enjoyed by everyone.

Easy family times
Family Portrait

Nancy says that the whole family had a fantastic vacation.   Particularly the children who are pictured here having a great time at the beach.

Easy floating
Catching waves
Easy times
Happy times
Easy playing
Pure joy

Nancy says one of the most favorite things they did during their recent stay was take a wild horse tour one evening.  “We loved every minute of it” according to Nancy.

Easy horse tour
Corolla Horse Tour

Corolla Horse Tours are a favorite of many visitors to the Outer Banks.  We recommend you hiring a professional like Bob’s Wild Horse Tours to take your family up in the area where the horses roam.  It is the safest way to go, they know where to find the horses, and they have great stories to share that will enhance the experience.

We thank Nancy for sharing her photo memories and take this opportunity to remind you that every Monday we post photographic memories of an Outer Banks Blue vacationer here.   Please send along your favorite photo memories and they may just end up here.   The payoff is that each month we randomly select one of our weekly posts as a winner of our monthly contest where we give the winner $100 off their next year’s stay with Outer Banks Blue.

All the best from the beach!



Easy times – Memory Monday 8/27/18

by Tim Cafferty time to read: 2 min

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